Recruiting Tips & Tools

1. Who is a prospective member?

  • Friends who are interested in IFT
  • Colleagues in food science professions
  • Food industry professionals looking for career advancement
  • Members of allied associations
  • Non-members who attend section meetings
  • Students studying food science and technology
  • Contact prospective members directly, send the IFT Member Referral Program invitation e-mail, and the Top Ten Reasons to Join IFT. Sometimes just asking a colleague or friend to join is all it takes.

2. Know the benefits

Be familiar with the many IFT membership benefits. IFT is the catalyst for food science and technology professionals - from the latest food trend information, discounts on educational programming, to opportunities for professional interaction... IFT is your association, and who better to explain the benefits than you, one of our dedicated members. 

3. Explain to prospective members how to join IFT

  • Email prospective members a membership referral application (PDF) or the student membership referral application (PDF). Be sure they write your name in the “Referred by” space at the top of the form. 
  • Assist prospective members with submitting their membership referral application. 
  • Let prospective members know that they can easily join online and add your name on the “Referred by” section.

4. Show your enthusiasm

Show your enthusiasm by sharing first-hand accounts of how your membership in IFT has been a rewarding experience. Prospective members will be much more likely to join if they can relate to how you have benefited from membership.

5. Send them to

Show prospective members the value of IFT membership by sending them to The website contains valuable information about IFT and our member benefits.

6. Follow-up

Following up with prospective members is just as important as your initial contact. Call them, e-mail them, send a letter, or drop by to see if they have joined and answer questions they may have.

7. Thank them

Send a note or e-mail thanking the prospective member for considering membership in IFT. The more contact they have with you, a current IFT member, the more likely they will be to join and stay involved!


Contact Susan Andronowitz

Membership Coordinator