Day in the Life of a Food Scientist What is it really like to be a food scientist? What do food scientists do each day? What kinds of things do they think about? Learn more about what it’s like to be a food scientist in the words of people who do it every day.

Disney & IFT: Making Food Fun   Food Science: Making Food Fun

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and Disney Consumer Products (DCP) are partnering to raise the visibility of food science careers and the innovative potential of the profession to develop healthy and nutritious foods. Check out what a food scientist (does day-to-day) at Disney.

Amy DeJong & Maya Warren: PhD Students in Food Science

IFT Student Association members Amy DeJong and Maya Warren show us what life is like for PhD students in food science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Cory Bryant Cory Bryant: FDA and Food Safety

IFT member Cory Bryant, PhD, CFS, shows us how the US FDA works with other countries to improve food safety so that future generations have access to a safe and abundant global food supply.


Fu-hung Hsieh Fu-hung Hsieh: Food Science Professor

University of Missouri Professor Fu-hung Hsieh, PhD, CFS, talks about his work developing a soy-based food product that is sold in grocery stores nationwide and why he enjoys being a food scientist.


Tetrapak Brian Thane: Food Packaging Professional

IFT Member Brian Thane, Director of Aseptic Technology at Tetra Pak, talks about providing aseptic packaging to 170 countries, the interesting and rewarding aspects of his job, and how it contributes to  the food science profession.


Nasa Michele Perchonok: Food Scientist at NASA

Follow IFT member Michele Perchonok, Advanced Food Technology Manager at NASA, and members of the food science team in Houston, Texas, as they guide us through their work in the Space Food Systems Laboratory, and describe their role in conceptualizing and preparing food for successful missions in space.





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