September 2018

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September 2018


  • IFT18—An Event That Mattered
    Mary Ellen Kuhn
    Scientific innovation and insight, inspirational entrepreneurship, and nonstop networking and learning opportunities were all on the agenda at IFT’s Annual Event and Food Expo.
  • Product Safety and Quality Dominate Innovation Awards
    Bob Swientek
    IFT18 innovation award winners showcase a unique packaging film, natural antioxidant and surrogate bacteria that can enhance food safety, product quality and shelf life.
  • Clean, Green, and Lean: IFT18 Ingredient Trends
    Karen Nachay and Margaret Malochleb
    Food expo exhibitors showcased ingredients created to help food and beverage formulators deliver on consumers’ expectations for taste, texture, and nutrition with products that are clean label, plant-based, and lower in sugar.
  • Food Expo Offers Up Healthy Bites
    Linda Milo Ohr
    Functional and healthful food ingredients highlighted at IFT18 address such consumer concerns as immunity, protein enrichment, sustained energy, and more.
  • Food Safety and Quality Exhibits in Abundance at IFT18
    Neil H. Mermelstein
    More than 1,230 companies exhibited their products and services during IFT18. Here are brief descriptions of many of the Food Expo exhibits related to food safety and quality.
  • Discovering Processing Innovation
    Tara McHugh
    Exhibitors highlight solutions for food science–related needs and challenges, from small-scale unit operations to commercial-scale equipment lines.
  • Packaging Resonates at IFT18
    Claire Koelsch Sand
    The annual event was a spectacular showcase of materials, exhibitors, and learning opportunities related to packaging.


Michele Perchonok
Making the Most of IFT
A. Elizabeth Sloan
The ABCs of Generation Z
Claire Kruger and Robert Lodder
Establishing Limits for THC Content in Hemp-Derived Foods
Food Technology staff
New Tactics to Fight Foodborne Pathogens
Food Technology staff
A Slice of the Pizza Market

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