Salary Surveys IFT has conducted surveys of salaries and employment status among its U.S. members periodically over the past four decades.

IFT conducts its IFT Employment & Salary Surveys every two years. These studies examine the income of IFT members, as well as non-members, who represent professionals employed in food science and technology. The surveys serve as a valuable resource for members and others practicing in the food science and technology industry, as well as human resources personnel in food companies.

2017 IFT Employment and Salary Survey Report and
Food Technology Magazine Insights Summary

Salary Survey Cover
Are you getting a competitive salary, benefits, or perks? Find out where your compensation package fits amongst other science of food professionals. The 2017 IFT Employment & Salary Survey Report features comprehensive data on the compensation of professionals within food science and technology, including breakouts of salaries by geographic region, job function, years of employment, and much more. This comprehensive report with insightful Food Technology magazine highlights article, contains over 40 tables and charts filled with valuable salary data that you won't get anywhere else!

This is an invaluable resource for anyone employed or who helps place future employees in food science and technology related fields. As a Premier member benefit, it is available free of charge. Networking & Engagement and International Joint members can purchase the report for $49.50. Non-members can purchase the report for $99.

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Past IFT Salary Surveys are an IFT Member-only benefit.

2015 IFT Salary Survey
This Food Technology article covers highlights of the latest IFT Salary Survey Report. The 2015 survey indicates that earnings have been slow to rebound post-recession, but demand is strong for professionals with solid skill sets. IFT’s exclusive new research delivers the latest information on wages, benefits, and how food scientists and technologists feel about their jobs.
Published date: February 2016

2013 IFT Salary Survey
This Food Technology article covers highlights of the latest IFT Salary Survey Report. IFT’s exclusive and in-depth survey found that, after a small dip in 2011, food science salaries have bounced back and are up 3.4% vs. two years ago.
Published date: February 2014.

2011 Salary Survey  
This Food Technology article covers highlights of the latest IFT Salary Survey Report. Compensation is down slightly, but most food scientists find satisfaction in their jobs, according to those polled by IFT.
Published date: February 2012

2009 Salary Survey
Despite the recessionary climate, the median salary for food scientists polled by IFT increased by 4.4% over the past two years.
Published date: February 2010

2007 Salary Survey
The median salary for IFT members rose 7.7% to $84,000 over the past two years, but salaries for women continue to lag behind those for men.
Published date: February 2008

2005 Salary Survey  
Between 2003 and 2005, median salaries rose 6.6% to $78,000, and female membership increased to 46% of the total membership.
Published date: February 2006

2003 Salary Survey  
This IFT Membership Employment & Salary Survey, published in February 2004, shows that median salaries for IFT members continued to increase, reaching $73,150, a 12.5% increase from the $65,000 in 1999.  Membership demographics  and employment status remain essentially unchanged.
Published date: February 2004

2001 Salary Survey  
Recent food science graduates received a median starting salary of $45,000. That was one of the findings of an exclusive survey conducted by the Institute of Food Technologists.
Published date: March 2001

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