Our Leadership They come together to network, learn, and share their collective wisdom to ensure that our vision — a safe and abundant food supply contributing to healthier people everywhere — becomes a reality.

Members of our Board of Directors serve as organizational stewards that help shape IFT and the professions of food science and food technology. IFT committee, workgroup and task force volunteers participate in important organizational activities and gain additional leadership experience.

IFT Board of Directors

Explore the background and achievements of our board members below. Interested in becoming involved? Learn how you can become a member of this dynamic leadership team.


Michele Perchonok

Scott Lineback

Pam Coleman

Christie Tarantino-Dean
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Cindy Stewart
Immediate Past President



Bryson Bolton

Ken Lee

Christopher Downs

Soo-Yeun Lee

Chris Findlay

Stacy Pyett

Sarah Kirkmeyer

EB Russell

Vickie Kloeris

Lauren Shimek

Roger Lawrence

Gordon Smith

Elizabeth Clark
President, IFTSA


Ex-Officio Members

Morgan Von Staden
Immediate Past President, IFTSA

Sam VanWees
President-Elect, IFTSA

Bernhard van Lengerich
Chair, Feeding Tomorrow

Additional IFT Leadership

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International Food Science Certification

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